Tassels with embroidery work

Chennai fashion institute is the best place for ladies to learn Embroidery classes. Tassels on embroidery work is a new technique.

Materials needed;

  • Embroidery needle
  • Silk thread
  • Scissor
  • Piece of cardboard


1. Wrap embroidery floss around a ruler or a piece of card approximately 20 times and cut the ends of the thread.
2. Cut the embroidery thread 14 “long. Double. Thread the folded end of the second string under the loop, so there is a loop on one side and two on the other side.
3.  Pull the tail through the loop and tighten.
4. Slide the loop off of a ruler or a card.
5. Cut a piece of white thread (14 “long). Make one end of the thread into a circular shape, then lay the loop on a tassel.

6. Wrap tightly in the tassel end several times. Pass the end of the thread through loop and gently close loop, make a knot.

Aari embroidery work with tassels was designed and worked by Mrs. Tasleem.

Silk cotton material is used to do the work, pot neck model Designed with bead and stone works. An outer line zari chain is used.

The circle part is filled with embossed beadwork and tassels are made separately and attached with the beads.

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