Beaded work

Beads are the sequins work. Beads are combined with Embroidery stitches to create attractive designs.

Aari Embroidery Beaded Work

Beads are made of various materials and in many shapes and sizes. There are different types of beads. they are as follows.

Types of Beads for Aari Embroidery

  1. Jet beads,
  2. Tube beads,
  3. Crystal beads,
  4. Porclain beads,
  5. Wooden beads,
  6. Round Pearl beads,
  7. Plastic beads,
  8. Steel beads etc.,

Peacock design Aari Embroidery

Depend upon our creative we can use the beads. This beautiful peacock design was done by our aari Embroidery student Mrs. Suganthi.

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