Aari Embroidery Designs: List of Models

List of designs in Aari embroidery: This type of embroidery is a form of needlework that originated in the northern regions of India. It involves using a hooked needle, also called aari or tambour, to create intricate and detailed designs on fabric.

Common Designs in Aari Embroidery

Here are some common Models in Aari embroidery:

  1. Paisley: This teardrop-shaped design is a popular motif in Aari embroidery. Of course, You can combine it with floral patterns to create a beautiful and intricate design.
  2. Floral: Flowers of different shapes and sizes are common patterns of the Aari embroidery. In other words, These have a variety of arrangements of ways to create beautiful patterns and designs.
  3. Geometric: Geometric designs find common uses to create a more contemporary and modern look in Aari embroidery. In addition, These can include triangles, squares, circles, and other shapes.
  4. Peacock: The peacock is a popular motif in Indian embroidery, including Aari embroidery. Of course, We can find designs with the beautiful colors and intricate feathers of the peacock models to create stunning designs.
  5. Animal: We can use the models of Animals like elephants, horses, and camels as motifs in Aari embroidery. In fact, These can be either realistic or stylized versions of the animals.
  6. Human figures: Human figures, including gods and goddesses from Indian mythology, are also common in Aari embroidery. These can be either realistic or stylized versions of the figures.
  7. Borders: Borders are an important element of Aari embroidery, and can be used to frame larger designs or to create a border around the edge of a piece of fabric.
  8. Motifs from nature: Aari embroidery often features motifs from nature such as trees, leaves, and vines. In fact, This is applicable to creating beautiful and intricate designs.
  9. Abstract: Use Aari Work to create abstract designs. Of course, This can be more open to interpretation and used to create a more modern look.
  • Paisley-Aari-Embroidery-Designs
  • Floral-Embroidery-Design
  • Geometric designs - Aari Embroidery
  • Peacock Design Aari Embroidery
  • Animal Designs Aari Embroidery
  • Human design Aaari Embroidery
  • Border Design Aari Work
  • Motifs from nature Designs Embroidery
  • abstract designs Embroidery design

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Overall, Aari embroidery is a highly versatile form of needlework that allows for a wide range of designs and styles.

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